Write your story in a simpler programming language.

It is so easy to do something with woo code as less as you can.

People who are too kind will get mental illness,Will be eliminated by the world


  • lighting

    The installation package is less than 15MB, does not rely on any third-party dynamic libraries, and the UNIX platform is only an executable file, clean and tidy, which is really simple but not simple

  • Broad support

    It supports almost all PC platforms, including MAC (Darwin), windows UNIX (red hat / CentOS / Ubuntu / debain /...) to switch desktop systems at will

  • Independent packet manager

    The official package management name of Woo program language is called:om om=woo manager,When an expansion pack needs to be installed:
    om install oshine/rename

  • PHP like programming

    As we all know, many people say PHP is the best language. The reason is that a simple function can realize a complex function. So far, woo language also pays tribute to PHP and adds many global functions to achieve the purpose of writing programs quickly

  • Using Lua syntax

    Woo language is developed by go. It uses Lua syntax and does not support all Lua features. It only supports about 95% of lua syntax. Therefore, you can directly use the idea editor when writing woo language. You can see the tutorial for details

  • Unique inheritance characteristics

    The woo program language also supports inheritance features and uses functions_ Extend () can implement the inheritance function. Although it is inconsistent with the writing of many languages, the functions implemented are the same.


  • linux / mac / windows(gitbash)

    use curl command tools to install woo

    sudo curl -fsSL "https://wooyri.com/woo?v=1.1?" | bash
  • windows(powershell)

    windows need to go install manual

    Well, I didn't write it. Microsoft Changing the CMD to PowerShell is still as difficult as Shi. I don't want to write with powershell. Use the installation package to instead please

  • in docker

    Use docker to install woo

    docker run -dit --name woo a364713478/woo